​Career Counselling

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you discover your true potential and chart a path towards a fulfilling career. Whether you’re a student seeking guidance or a professional considering a change, we provide tailored advice to help you make informed decisions.

  1. Why studies7 Thought process with importance of studies.
  2. Understanding adolescent age  hormonal changes.
  3. Career options and preparation.

Is career counseling  necessary?

Yes, it is necessary for all 8th to 12th STD students, as these are epoch – making years of the career.


Why is it necessary?

We have a strong system of providing counseling with Psychometric test online.

This report can be the base of understanding and listening for self-strengths. As psychometric test helps in understanding teenagers with  their present mindset, depending on the test results we help them in designing the career path up to the masters.

  1. It will help them to concentrate in studies, inherit the habit of self-studies and dutifulness.
  2. It will give them focused learning and development approach. Their every activity (watching, reading, expressions, discussions) on same lines will create an extraordinary capacity for skiIIs polishing in them.
  3. They will be well equipped to select apt competitive exams and preparations for the future.
  4. It will save money from wastage on haphazard attempts of career options.
  5. It will clear the cluster from their mind and give clear vision for the future.

Workshop Duration: 3 hours

Abroad Education Assistance

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