We all know that “Change” is an inevitable and an essential part of our lives. We all need to come out of our comfort zone to move ahead in our lives. Coming out of the comfort zone is a little cumbersome in the beginning, but we all go through a transition, from our early life to school, from school to professional college, and from college to corporate world to living an Independent Life.

As we have grown from a small child to an adult we have been through various changes and have adjusted to the circumstances to adapt to the environment we need to be in. We need time and patience to understand and study our surroundings to adapt to it accordingly.

Coming right from campus background and trying to adapt to the corporate world is not as easy as moving from high school to college. College and school may have cut some slack, but that will  not be the case in corporate world.

We all spend the early adulthood phase of our lives in college, where we have a structured routine, known schedule, assigned tasks, exams, professors, and friends to help us in our assignments where the outcome is also known. Students take time to come out of the campus routine, Students enter corporate world confused and puzzled, not knowing exactly what is expected from them, which makes corporate life challenging. This phase can create many emotional changes run within you, stress and anxiety can take over your mental health, which can drain you emotionally.

Any individual who needs to step into corporate world requires necessary skills like special perspective, strategy to understand the organization, to cope up with the corporate culture and climate. This transition period is a very important stage which can impact on ability to have cordial relationship within the organization, understanding your role and scope of your work in the organization, expectations from employee, and commitment to the job. Apart from these impacts, feeling of success, salary, job satisfaction, mental health is also important.

As a fresher, one is inclined to have expectation from employer like professors, we often tend to forget that educational culture is different from organizational culture. The transition is not as easy as it seems, it needs a total mind shift, to leave your comfort zone to enter a world of uncertainties’.

Here are some tips to bridge the gap between campus to corporate:

  • Listen, observe, and focus on minute details, try to study the Organizational culture.
  • Practice using words like “Please” and “Thank You”.
  • Follow common professional ethics.
  • Try to comprehend and deliver according to expectations.
  • Stick to assigned deadlines.
  • Complete your tasks before deadline and have some extra time to make changes if required.
  • Try to find a mentor to guide you and learn from experienced professionals.
  • Show abilities to learn and perform.
  • Create your own space in the team, by contributing positively, by proposing out of the box ideas, by suggesting solutions to problems.
  • Refrain from politics and gossips.
  • Work on your interpersonal skills.
  • Practice time management in your job.

These are few pointers which can make freshers transition into corporate world a little manageable. All though if you still find it stressful and challenging to cope up with the transition phase no matter how hard you try, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance. Look around for a professional counselor, schedule a session with an experience therapist to allow yourself to open up and to take some guidance. After all your mental health and stability is necessary to establish yourself in the corporate world. Corporate life for a fresher is just the beginning and since it being the first job it should be a positive and stress-free experience, as it will be a long way ahead.

Embrace the new transition of your life positively.

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